Day Care

How To Choose A Good Day Care?

Regardless of the type of day care that you plan to choose, there are a few important things to know. As a parent, it is critical to making an informed decision. Here are some tips to help you get started and find what’s best for you kid.

Assess The Staff

Needless to say, you need to visit each potential day care. Croydon parents are advised to evaluate how the staff interacts with the kids who have been placing under their care. Generally speaking, you should see them on the floor or hold a child on their lap as they play with the kids.

Meanwhile, children in their early years require interactive, close, and loving relationships. Because of this, they need to have caregivers who are responsive and caring. The person who attends to them also needs to be able to provide quality one on one time to both infants and older babies even when they are in group care.

Commitment To The Job

You also need to know that the caregiver who will take care of your child is committed to her job. Keep in mind that children, especially babies, need predictable and constant care. Because of this, you need to find out how long caregivers have been with the center. You also have to inquire about the center’s turnover.

Check Their Policies

You should also determine if you share the same parenting philosophies as the day care. Croydon parents need to find out how the center’s caregiver deals with disciple, television, feeding, sleeping, and so on. You need to ask about their policies and a backup plan in case a caregiver calls in sick and is unable to report to work. You have to ask as many questions as possible so as to avoid facing surprises later on.

Visit The Site

As mentioned earlier, you are expected to visit the site of the potential day care. Croydon parents love to share their experiences about the various services that they obtain. Although referrals through word of mouth from trusted people like your friends are important, you still need to check out the place that you are considering. Find out if the daycare center has a clean and childproofed environment. The place should have an extensive and age-appropriate collection of toys and books. For centers where older children and younger babies share space, the staff should know the importance of preventing choking hazards and keep small parts stashed away safely to protect the young ones. Ideally, infants and babies need to have their own area but there are cases when they share the same space.

It is ideal to visit the centers at different times of the day so you will get an idea of how the staff interacts with the kids and what their routines are. You might want to consider showing up in the area unannounced after you have enrolled your child just to check on how things are going. In most cases, these visits will help confirm if you choose the right daycare. Croydon parents may also consider these visits as a revelation that would give them a peace of mind knowing that the right people are taking care of their child.


Regardless of how old your child is, keep in mind that communication is key. You will be depending on what the caregiver will tell you about what happened on your child’s day especially if baby still can’t talk. Because of this, you need to be able to talk comfortably with one another.

These are only a few of the things that you need to take into consideration when looking for a day care. Croydon parents only want the best for their kids and that is why they will do everything they can to make sure that their children are in good hands.